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Whether you’re sitting by the hearth in your home or planning a firepit night in the summer, nothing beats a beautiful, crackling fire. You can warm up s’mores or hotdogs over the flames or just enjoy the ambiance. Either way, there is one essential item you need: firewood. The right wood can make a big difference in the quality of your fire. Learn about the best time to buy firewood and what to look for to make sure every fire you build is a great one.

The Best Time To Buy Firewood

It may be surprising, but the best season to buy firewood is spring. This is because supplies are easier to get once winter is over. Not only are fewer people looking to buy, but firewood sellers are looking to get rid of any leftover inventory so they can begin to harvest more wood.

It also makes more sense to buy wood in the spring, even if you plan to use it in the winter. Freshly harvested wood can contain a lot of moisture and needs time to dry out to become premium firewood. Buy your wood in the spring and store it well so it can be ready for those cooler months.

If you plan to use the wood in your home fireplace, this is especially important. Drier firewood makes for better fires with less creosote, so you have a cleaner and more efficient burn. You can also get green, or wet, wood cheaper since it isn’t ready to use, making the spring the best time to buy firewood if you want more value. For more convenience, invest in a firewood delivery service that can give you great wood at the right times.

What To Look for in Premium Firewood

When you’re shopping for firewood, you want to make sure you get a high-quality product. That starts by knowing what to look for. As you order firewood, ask about the wood’s moisture content so you can determine how much it needs to be dried and when you can use it. You also want assurances that the wood is free of pests and rot, and if you can, get it split and stacked for easier drying and storage.

Proper Wood Storage

Speaking of storage, you need to make sure you have a good place to keep your wood. If you take advantage of the best time to buy firewood early in the year, it’s important to get your money’s worth by protecting it. You need to store the wood somewhere that is dry and well-ventilated. You also want to take steps to keep bugs and pests away from the wood.

Take Advantage of the Best Time To Buy Firewood

Having quality firewood is essential to having great fires all year round, but there is an ideal time to get your supply. The best time to buy firewood is spring, so stock up when you can and keep your wood stored properly. That way it will be ready to go for any event. To get the supplies you need, reach out to B D Firewood & Snow Removal.

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