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Firewood Home Delivery Services for Salt Lake City

B D Firewood & Snow Removal provides firewood delivery services to homes throughout Salt Lake City. When you call us, you can expect only the finest product to be delivered. Whether you need premium firewood for your fireplace, backyard pit, camping adventure or a wood stove, B D Firewood & Snow Removal is the leading choice for firewood home delivery services. You can count on us for reliable deliveries and outstanding customer service.

What are the benefits of having B D Firewood & Snow Removal deliver your firewood? First off, you won’t need to worry about loading, hauling and unloading your own wood. Secondly, with us making the delivery, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your firewood. We are committed to giving our customers the best experience possible, and our firewood home delivery services are an easy, convenient way for you to get your firewood.

As a premier firewood supplier, we have a large supply of firewood with a variety of wood to choose from. What we deliver to you is guaranteed to burn.

Even though most modern homes either have an electric fireplace or no fireplace at all, a lot of homeowners enjoy backyard fire pits or cook with wood burning stoves. Having a good source to high-quality, properly cured firewood is important for a lot of people, and B D Firewood & Snow Removal is here to provide it. Some of the premium firewood we carry includes:

  • Pine: Pine is a soft wood that burns easily and at a high temperature.
  • Piñon: Piñon is a soft wood similar to pine, but it is denser and harder. It is a natural insect repellent, so it’s useful in the outdoors.
  • Cedar: Cedar is a popular option because of the pleasant, unique aroma many people enjoy. It is a soft wood but harder than most softwoods, so it burns long and hot.

With B D Firewood & Snow Removal available for firewood home deliveries, you won’t need to worry about cutting, loading, transporting, unloading and stocking your firewood in Salt Lake City anymore.

Through our firewood delivery services we offer:

1/4 CORD

4 feet high x 5 feet long x 18 inches deep

1/2 CORD

4 feet high x 10 feet long x 18 inches deep


4 feet high x 20 feet long x 18 inches deep

*Availability subject to change based on current inventory.

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Located in Park City, B D Firewood & Snow Removal is a locally owned and operated business and has provided firewood delivery services for more than 37 years. If you live in Salt Lake City and are in need of firewood delivery services, then look to us! Give us a call at 435-649-9663 or contact us online.

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We provide delivery within a 20-mile radius of our Park City location. That includes the following cities and their surrounding areas:

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