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B D Firewood is your reliable, local firewood supplier. We are located in Park City and operate as the only firewood yard in the area. Our service extends to customers in Salt Lake City as well. Our convenient firewood service is something a lot of our customers in SLC love. No matter if you are wanting firewood for your wood stove, fireplace or even a backyard fire pit, you can buy quality firewood from B D Firewood.

At B D Firewood, we have everything ready for you to use when you purchase fireplace wood for your property in Salt Lake City. What is means is that our wood is split, seasoned and ready to burn. We guarantee you that our firewood is dry and in the ideal condition to burn the right way. This is a very critical thing in regard to eliminating excessive waste. Additionally, when burning wood effectively, it won’t generate harmful, or very few fumes.

With our firewood, you can select from piñon, cedar and pine*

1/4 CORD

4 feet high x 5 feet long x 18 inches deep

1/2 CORD

4 feet high x 10 feet long x 18 inches deep


4 feet high x 20 feet long x 18 inches deep

*Availability subject to change based on current inventory.

Piñon is a great and popular option for firewood. It ranks high for its BTU output and it burns hot. Many people would agree that piñon has a pleasant aroma when it burns; it has that piney smell that a lot of us like. As a part of the pine family, piñon is classified as a softwood. But, for being a softwood, it is harder and denser than most pines. Also, when piñon burns, it becomes a natural insect repellent.

Another popular option when it comes to firewood is cedar. Just like piñon, cedar is a softwood but is harder than a lot of softwoods. Cedar generates a unique and pleasant aroma but it’s known for popping and spitting sparks. This can be the reason people choose cedar for firewood because they like the ambiance it provides. Cedar also burns long and hot.

Pine is another great choice. Things to know about pine is that it burns much faster than piñon and cedar do, but it burns really clean and is easy to start.

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You can count on the quality of our firewood here at B D Firewood. When you need wood in Salt Lake City, you can count on your local firewood supplier. Contact us today.

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