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Firewood Delivery Services to Homes Across Kamas, UT

There’s no better addition to the holiday season than a well-lit fireplace to keep you warm. B D Firewood & Snow Removal can keep your firewood supply stocked with convenient delivery services for your home in Kamas, UT. When it’s winter and freezing temperatures hit, there’s nothing like the warm glow of a fire to keep you cozy and comfortable. If you’re looking for quality wood that’s been seasoned and burns evenly, you’ve come to the right place. We carry wood varieties that are ideal for burning and chop them up into cords that are just the right size for use in fireplaces. There’s no need to haul heavy wood on your own when we’re available for home deliveries, so order your own supply before it runs out.

Here’s What to Look for in Quality Firewood

The type of smoldering wood you see in living room fireplaces happens when it has achieved the right dryness ratio. Our fireplace wood has been stored for long enough that it is considered seasoned and is split into 4” x 4” x 8” size logs, which allows it to burn steadily. These are some of the basic characteristics you should look for in quality firewood and we aim to offer this to our customers with every home delivery.

Below are some of the other benefits we offer to customers in the Kamas, UT, area:

  • Dense hardwood, like oak
  • Consistent lengths
  • Decent size for steady burning
  • Stacking available by the hour
  • Dry, seasoned firewood 
  • Delivery and driveway drop off services

You Can Expect Convenient Firewood Delivery

You can expect us to provide convenient firewood delivery services that make it easy for you to get the fireplace wood you need for the duration of the year. We offer mostly hardwood oak cords because they have a high energy content that makes them burn longer. Our products also have the right moisture, density and size to burn uniformly over time. We fulfill orders promptly and drop them off in neat, easy-to-transport stacks that you can store in a moisture-free place at your home in Kamas, UT. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we aim to make our firewood delivery services a simple and dependable process.

B D Firewood Has the Best Firewood Delivery

B D Firewood & Snow Removal is a reliable source for firewood delivery across the Kamas, UT, area. You can feel confident going to us for quality wood and convenient services that will keep your fireplace lit throughout the winter months. We’re a locally owned and operated company with decades of experience meeting the needs of our customers at a reasonable price. With our firewood delivery services, you can always stay stocked with seasoned, split and stacked cords that are ready to light your fireplace. Get the wood you need before temperatures drop and it all gets bought up.

Order Firewood Anywhere Across Kamas

Don’t hesitate to order wood for your fireplace because our inventory goes fast. It’s best to purchase the bundles of fireplace wood you want well in advance, so you can be sure to stay cozy and warm this holiday season. Call us at 435-649-9663 to request delivery services to your home in Kamas, UT.

1/4 CORD

4 feet high x 5 feet long x 18 inches deep

1/2 CORD

4 feet high x 10 feet long x 18 inches deep


4 feet high x 20 feet long x 18 inches deep

*Availability subject to change based on current inventory.

Get Firewood Delivered Today

B D Firewood & Snow Removal is located in Park City and we are a locally owned and operated business that has provided firewood delivery services for more than 37 years. If you live in Heber City and are in need of firewood delivery services, then look to us! Give us a call at 435-649-9663 or contact us online.

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We provide delivery within a 20-mile radius of our Park City location. That includes the following cities and their surrounding areas:

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